1) How was Domos de la Estancia Lodge born?
Domos de la Estancia Lodge was born with the idea of bringing to life the dream of sharing with fishing enthusiasts from both Argentina and the rest of the world, the fishing of Sea Trout and other species typically found here on Tierra del Fuego Island. Moreover, it’s also about our passion for introducing them to our natural surroundings.

2) What services do you offer?
We offer an all-inclusive service, so that guests just need to bring their equipment and the desire to fish and to live an unforgettable experience.
The service includes accommodation in suite domes, full board, transfers, guide, and a fishing license.

3) What do you expect guests to get from this experience?
Fishermen enjoy the experience of fishing in a unique environment, although it can sometimes be hostile. But when the Rio Grande River, as well as its tributaries give us catch, the fish are incredible and of a generous size. I believe that the fishermen coming to this island experience not only the fishing but learning about how to fish in climatic conditions where, perhaps in another place, they’d prefer to be indoors with a hot cup of coffee! No matter how tough the weather conditions, it is common for us to go out fishing anyway. So, when the fish bite it makes the whole experience much more valuable and enjoyable.
On the other hand, there are also more technical issues to cope with. For instance, there are lots of trunks due to the beavers that really challenge the best fishermen, and that also makes it much more attractive and picturesque.

4) Do you have any funny anecdote?

The truth is this experience is filled with funny anecdotes from the moment you leave on the trucks to the river, which is as silent as a grave, to the fishermen that are so excited that they can’t stop asking questions and chatting.

5) Which month do you like best for fishing in the Río Grande River?

Personally, I like November, when certain characteristics make the fishing technique more challenging to find the bite. And on the other hand, you can also encounter Chinook Salmon.
In addition, it is the first month of the season and you are anxious and eager to go back to the river repeatedly to try out all those flies you have been tying during the winter.

6) Would you rather use a one-handed or two-handed fishing rod?
What a question! I don ́t have a particular favorite, which is why I always take both kinds to the river. The use of the best equipment is determined by many factors, as well as the line.
It is true that in the Río Grande River people are used to fishing with two-handed rods, but in the Rio Menendez River it is impossible to do so. Fishing sea trout with a one-handed rod is great fun.

7) Which fly do you consider a must?
Another interesting question! The truth is that local fishermen have a box for each occasion of the season and some of them are a must, such as for example, the Rio Grande Queen or the Sunray Shadow, as are some nymphs that are absolutely essential starting from mid-season.

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