FD: What kind of fishing scenarios can we find on The Route?

ROSC is based on fishing small trout rivers. We have the chance of fishing a total of 6 creeks in a range of 150/200km of our location. These creeks have all kinds of structures: some of them are stony and others like ponds with no movement at all and lot of vegetation with insane brownies.

Pelke and Coyle rivers are our favorite and then some of the others are some miles further. The chance of fishing with the mighty Torres del Paine as the background but from the Argentinian sight or the chance of lodging in Dome tents located in the volcanic fields close to the Chilean border in search of massive brookies are some of highlights of our fishing.

FD: What is the recommended gear for these waters?

We recommend bringing rods in #3 or #5 with a medium and slow action to enjoy and feel the takes. It’s an experience of a delicate fly fishing with the chance of catching big fish in some of those creeks. Floating Lines in a WF format to cast effectively in the wind but at the same time that offer a light front tapper to present the fly well. 9 feet leaders with tippets from 4x to 2x. In my case, my personal gear is a SAGE Trout LL #490 with a Rio Technical Trout.

FD: What about the flies?

Our favorite dries to match the summer hatches:

- Adams parachute in sizes 14-16 in light grey and light olive
- Elk hair caddis in size 12, natural.
- Goddard caddis in size 10, brown.
- Stimulators (they can cover a large range of bugs from large caddisflies to stoneflies and even hoppers)

Our top terrestrials include:

Foam beetles in sizes 6 to 10

Light tan hoppers in size 8 /E.g., Fat Albert

Ants in sizes 12 and 14.

Morrish mouse size 6

Always include in your box a few streamers to look for big brookies in the bottom of the pools:

Zonker bh. 8, black and olive. 

Woolly buggers bh. 8, black and olive. 

FD: Can you tell us about the booking options?

The main option is a full week program that includes everything (lodging, food and a guide every 2 anglers). Arriving Saturday afternoon and leaving the following Saturday after breakfast directly to the airport.

There is also the chance of making a half week experience. It is also possible when some guests request the chance of fishing longer weeks and even try some more fisheries.

FD: How does the season change from month to month?

Our season begins mid November. As well as December creeks offer a very good water level with a lot of movement and good fishing. Brookies are in excellent conditions and brownies are really hungry and start feeding by then after a long winter so their body is shaping up through the season, but also some of them in a couple of creeks are massive already. Excellent fishing with foam flies.

January, February and March: water level starts going down and slowly fishing starts to get more technical. Waters are as clear as Gin, so brownies get really spooky. Wind is usually there blowing constantly but this helps a lot to catch fish, as they can’t see you that well or even hear you, so they are not so shy.

Mid March till beginning of April is the end of the season and days become shorter and colder as we move into Autumn. Some of the creeks offer some browns that have been moving upstream to look for a good spawning ground.

Anyhow, through the season we tend to fish 90% of the time with dry flies. Only when we fish for big brook trout we go deeper with sink tips and streamers.

FD: What can we expect in terms of lodging?

We don’t use the word “lodge” when we talk about our lodging because it is our home, it's a medium size house with all its history in every corner, with its own style and furniture and is still functioning as an Estancia House.

We have two doubles with private bathroom. One guide every two fishermen. Our energy is produced with solar panels and we have internet 24hs.

We are located right in between of Rio Gallegos and El Calafate over the famous National Route Nº40.

FD: What is "the experience" that The Route delivers to its visitors?

The experience of this program, if I have to use one word, is “authentic”. We show and share who we are and what we do, proudly share our stories and how live as part of Patagonia and its roots.

Definitively fishing, besides being good, becomes a part in this experience and its real Patagonian atmosphere with traditions that we have kept intact and with no acting. Anyone who visit us will take a small piece of Patagonia with him.

FD: Some closing words?

Our program is exclusive, reduced to only 4 guests a week because we want to keep it intimate. This way each guest will be able to make a real connection using every sense.We keep the fishing pressure lower than any other place, and our service is warm and authentic. Our final goal is that each visitor fuses with this place. In this latitude we are the only ones offering this kind of adventure and its ideal for anyone that travels to fish the most iconic places like Gallegos river or Jurassic Lake. The perfect add on.

More information and direct contact, right hereThe Route of the Spring Creeks