Library Fishing Report Selška Sora River

Selška Sora River

From: 08/12/2015
To: 08/12/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Grayling
Selška Sora, is a stretch of water exceptionally well inhabited by trout, predominantly brown trout and rainbow trout. In its upper reaches is more reminiscent of a mountain stream, whereas at Železniki it becomes a respectable river. From here on, in addition to trout, the grayling is also present in certain parts. A few years ago this river of torrential character was affected by severe flood, which almost decimated the fish population. Now it's nice to see how the river and the fish in it are getting better. Selška Sora River is managed by Angling Club Železniki Urko Fishing Adventures


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