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Video - Lickety Split Jig Nymph - My #1 Confidence Fly Pattern - Fly Tying Tutorial

Whether it's a river I've fished a thousand times, or one I'm standing in for the first time, this is typically the first fly I tie on. I began creating and fishing the Lickety Split over 8 years ago. Since then I've simplified the way I tie this pattern, and it's not only quicker and easier to tie in this fashion, but I believe it fishes better than the original. Confidence in a pattern comes with success and time on the water. I've fished this pattern all over the Western US with great success. The Lickety Split is a mayfly nymph imitation, and since most rivers throughout the world have mayfly populations this is a year-round go-to fly pattern on nearly any trout river or stream. I fish this nymph on a Euro nymphing setup, under a dry dropper, and on an indicator rig. It get's to depth quickly and grabs the attention of the fish. It is a deadly pattern that is straight forward and easy to tie. I invite you to give it a shot! Recipe: Hook: Umpqua XC400BL Jig 14-18 Bead: Gold Slotted Tungsten Thread: Black Uni Thread 8/0 Tail: Coq De Leon Rib: 4X Tippet Wing Case: Black Holo Tinsel - Medium Underwing: Pink Foam Coating: Solarez - Bone Dry or Sally Hansen's Tough as Nails (Clear Polish) The black and pink variation I tie in this video is my top producer, but I also tie it in rusty brown and yellow (PMD), along with a few other color variations. Fun side note, the original Lickety Split was my first pattern to get picked up commercially by Rainy's flies 8 years ago :-)


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