Dolet Grégory

France Bayonne, Aquitaine, France

Guide, Casting instructor

Sea fishing on the French coast and especially on the Basque Coast offers a unique fishing experience, comparable to the best fishing destinations in the world. Fishing for tuna on the large feeding frenzies we have here is impressive, to say the least!

Using fly fishing or spinning tackle to catch those fish while they aggressively feed in large topwater frenzies is one of the most exciting experiences in an angler’s life.

Bluefin tuna is an extraordinary fish; its power and endurance make it a fantastic challenge for any sport fisherman.

Fishing for bluefin tuna is a real challenge: from the search of the feeding frenzy until the release of the fish, the angler is pushed into his limits permanently. The presence of a large topwater bluefin tuna feeding frenzy usually provoke a commu View more...



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Bayonne, Aquitaine, France

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