Phil Landry

United States Arkansas, United States

Guide, Fly Tying instructor

Phil Landry

My flyfishing addiction began early on. I think I was 10 or 11 years old when a neighbor gave me a flyrod to try out while fishing on his pond in Natchez, Mississippi. I was given no instruction, but I think that’s what made it even more fascinating. I never gave it up. My first cold water trip wasn’t until I was in college, but the trout bug bit me hard then. I skipped a lot of classes to spend time on the Little Red, Norfork and White. Ole Miss didn’t offer a minor in tailwater flyfishing, but I got one for all practical purposes.

So in 1994 I started becoming somewhat of a regular around Heber Springs and I quickly became good friends with Jeff Hawthorne. (I think that is the common thread you will read in our Bios) I learned a lot from him and asked a lo View more...


Smallmouth Bass, Cutthroat, Rainbow trout, Brook trout, Brown trout, White Bass

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Arkansas, United States