Philippe Dolivet

France Commana, Bretagne, France

Guide, Fly Tying instructor, Casting instructor

European foremost fly fishing expert, Philippe Dolivet is the former chief editor of Plaisirs de la Pêche, the magazine of French fly-fishing. Philippe has extensive experience of fly fishing travel, techniques, and tackle, and as a journalist and photographer, visited and fished over 35 fly fishing countries, including New Zealand, Caribbean, Argentina, US, Canada, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Western Africa, Asia, etc.

In the early ’90s, Philippe lived in California and worked there for a major retail FF business. Since then, he came back many times, has many friends and professional contacts in the US. His knowledge of the US travel market, clients profile and expectations is uncommon for a European. His understanding of European fly-fishing is tremendous, whether you’re talking  View more...


European seabass, Other Species, Carp, Grayling , Pike, Atlantic salmon, Sea-Trout, Shad, Rainbow trout, Brook trout, Brown trout

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Commana, Bretagne, France

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