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SESIA river and MASTALLONE stream two of the best river in Italy for fishing for brown trout, rainbow trout, marble trout, and grayling. SESIA and MASTALLONE are very natural and in its length vary from a large stream in the valley river. The river average runs 40 meters wide and is incredibly productive for fly fishing. MASTALLONE is very famous in Italy for dry fly for trout as well as grayling. The marble trout takes an important size in the SESIA river, the average size is about 60 cm, but fishes more than 70/80 cm are caught every season. The fishing completely catches and releases (No-Kill) The brown trout and rainbow are absolutely wild and have natural habitat in this river and reach even very large. 40/50/60 cm specimens are caught frequently The Bluefin grayling size with medium  View more...


Grayling , Rainbow trout, Marble Trout, Brown trout

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Seriate, Bergamo, Italy

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